shiraz hotels


Hotel Shiraz is located on the northeast of the Shiraz dynasty, the birthplace of Iranian culture and art, and with the private sector investment. Aristocratic Aristocratic gateway to the gates of Quran and Shiraz Gardens, close to the historic sites of Persepolis, Hafez and Saadi, easy access to the airport and the main highways of the country, this hotel is in a unique location in a unique location. Shiraz Hotel, while adhering to its values ​​to satisfy the guests by offering the highest level of tourism services in the city of Shiraz, is committed to continuously improving the quality and updating of the level of knowledge of its staff, equipment and services, for many years, the best option for providing luxury services. And the modern catering to the present generation and future generations. The cultural spread of the country’s tourism industry with exceptional services beyond the expectations of both domestic and foreign guests is considered as the vision statement of the hotel