Lakes of iran


Lake Urmia Lake Urmia is the second largest saline lake in

the world. The water of Lake Urmia is very salty; so no fish can be found there. Its living creatures are salty algae and shrimp. Water will never freeze and swimmers can stay on it. In turn, the view of ducks, flamingos, geese ducks and white peaches that come to the lake to find food is intriguing and interesting. 186 bird species were registered in the park in the 1970s. There are two islands on this beautiful lake, which is one of the most raشre species of deer in the world, namely the Yellow Deer, on the island of Tears.



Gohar Lake

Lake Gohar is a mountainous lake located in the Oshtorankouh protected area of ​​Lorestan province. About 100,000 people visit the lake every year. You can fish in the relaxing atmosphere of this lake. Fortunately, Lake Gahr has been largely devastated by human carelessness due to its lack of roadway.




Maharlu Lake

The name of this lake is derived from the name of the village of Maharlou, which is a function of the Sarvestan city of Fars province. The lake has an area of ​​25,000 hectares, and most of the lake has dried up since 2008 and only 600 square kilometers remain.




Lake Zarivar 

Zarivar Lake is one of the most important lakes in the western part of the country, located three kilometers from Marivan in the province of Kurdistan. The area of ​​the lake is 720 hectares, up to six meters deep. There are many myths about this lake, the most famous of which is the burial ground under the waters of the lake. In this lake, there are fishes such as black sea turtle, black fish and fish bride as well as 31 species of native and migratory birds.



  lake Sultan Dock




ovan lake